The boys are just starting to feel better as the flu plague is making its exit from my house. It seems that once one of the three kids get a bug, it takes at least 2 weeks to run its coarse through the house with each child getting a more and more intense version of the sickness. To have this be the home stretch of the flu plague of February 2016 for our house, I can only explain it in one word – Stellar.

The day started out as any typical weekday would for us. I woke up a bit earlier then the rest of them and started the coffee. With the pot about half brewed, they started to wake up and demand breakfast. There is only one thing worse than having smaller versions of you attempt to boss you around at the butt-crack of dawn. That is, having smaller versions of you attempt to boss you around at the butt-crack of dawn WITHOUT COFFEE. (Note: There is only two things that I love more than coffee – my wife and my kids – but coffee is a extremely close third.) But hey, that’s what I am here to do. It was time to put on the Daddy Game Face and suck it up and start getting everything ready for them to eat. After breakfast, it was time to get dressed, brush teeth, and get my daughter of to Kindergarten which is only a few blocks from our house. I did it. We did it. Nobody yelled or cried. In calling it a morning victory – Dad 1.

kids making lunchThe late morning and early afternoon consisted of making lunch and getting lunch made for me. Let me tell you that the food that I was served by the two boys was significantly better then the Mac & Cheese I served them. I had hot tea, eggs, a banana, a strawberry, ‘susgetti’, numerous cupcakes, a ‘medicine’ tomato, pizza, and about 12 helpings of lettuce soup.

After the all the cooking and eating it was time to get my daughter from school. This is where the day normally starts to get crazy. By this time I am completely out numbered and am consistently running from one child to another and trying to mediate the ‘he hit me’ – ‘she wont let me’ type of situations that tend to rise every three minutes. To my complete surprise and appreciation, in the words of Ice Cube, It was a Good Day. There was not a single argument or fuss made. Dad WIN #2 for today.
valentines pudding cups

I had a project ready for my daughter when she got home and had her start right away at it. Tomorrow is her class Valentines Day Party and she needed to get some love letters ready. I had a couple of sheets printed with some creative pudding cup toppers to have her cut and sign her name for her 19 Valentines and 1 Teacher ready to rock and immediately had her working on the masterpieces.

The rest of the evening went well. Dinner, play, tv time, brush teeth, pajamas, and bed without a hitch. I would say that is Dad win #3 for today.

So for the total score for today, I would have to call it a SAHD win for me. Final score: Dad 3 – Kids 0. Respectively a reverse roll of the dice today. Typically it would be a Dad 1 and Kids 3 – hence 3 kids and a dude ( the former name of this blog) – but if they had fun and I did to, didn’t we all win.