During my trip to San Diego to attend the Dad 2.0 Summit I met a guy by the name of Ryan. Ryan was also on his way to Dad 2 Summit but was attempting to fly in a day early because of some extremely questionable weather that was making its way to the East Coast where he lives. Because of this weather and the delays that were expected to flights, Ryan was going to crash with my roommate and I since his hotel room was booked for the next day. Kevin, my roommate for Dad 2.0, set this all up and also set Ryan and I up to meet at the airport since our flights were landing in San Diego at almost the same time. That way we could share a cab to the hotel to save some money.

I landed first. I grabbed my belongings and made my way to the terminal where Ryan would be landing. We were sending messages back and forth as I was waiting and he was getting off the plane.

I stood there with my belongings and my cell phone in hand explaining what I was wearing and where I was standing so that these two complete ‘real life’ strangers could meet and share a cab. I was tired but at the same time I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel drop my stuff off and have a beer while connecting with friends I haven’t seen in a year. While waiting there I couldn’t help but wonder a number of things…

Was Ryan cool, or some weirdo Dad Blogger?

Did the hotel we were going to have a bar that was open this late, and do they serve beer after midnight here? (it was almost midnight when we landed)

Is this what online daters felt like when they met their online ‘friend’ in person for the first time?

Ok, maybe not so much the last one but the first two for sure.

Luckily, after searching the sea of people flooding the terminal and locating the guy who was heading to baggage claim wearing the “dark gray denim jacket, light gray pants” (quote from the text message I received from him) I found him. We shook hands and chatted for a bit while waiting for his luggage. All the worry about meeting him for the first time was all for nothing. Ryan was cool dude (most dad bloggers are) and totally down to grab a beer immediately after getting to the hotel. Score! In fact, he even smuggled a 6 pack of some of Connecticut’s finest craft beer with him. Double Score!

We made our way to the hotel and went to the room to drop our stuff off and head down to the bar. This is were we found out that they didn’t have refrigerators in the hotel rooms. Where were we going to put the smuggled CT Micro Brew to cool off. This was a problem.

We made it to the bar just as they were closing. We ended up grabbing a beer “to go” and headed over to the reception desk to ask about the refrigerator situation. The desk clerk said that we could have one delivered to the room at no cost, and right away. We took them up on that offer but failed to remember that Kevin, my roommate, was sleeping already. We finished out beers and went back up to the room. A few minutes later two hotel housekeeping staff members came in with a refrigerator on a dolly. They basically bumped this thing into everything that they could on their way to the open space at the other end of the room that would fit this collage dorm sized ice box perfectly. A few very loud crashes and bangs later we had our refrigerator ready to house the 6 pack of CT micro. They were even so kind to leave a half decomposed salad inside the refrigerator for us. We threw that away, wiped it down, and put Ryan’s 6 little friends in it to sleep for the night. Kevin slept through this entire ordeal…

*Side Note: If I had to pick one thing that Dad 2.0 Summit is good for, (it would be hard to pick just one with the amount of awesomeness that is Dad 2.0 Summit) it would be creating friendships and a sense of community around dads, dad bloggers, and specific brands that promote active fatherhood. If it wasn’t for this conference, I most likely wouldn’t have met Ryan and so many of my other friends. For that I can’t thank the Dad 2.0 dudes enough.

Since hanging at Dad 2.0 Summit and becoming buddies, Ryan and I have remained in touch. In fact, I am a frequent reader of his blog Home-Field Dad and follow him here, here, and here (you should too!) He has a ton of great content, a very creative approach to writing, and fun campaigns and give-a-ways from time to time. This is how I found out that he was running a promotion with Baby Bjorn and their #dadstories campaign. This was a promotion which you could follow a few instructions for your chance to win a new Baby One Carrier by Baby Bjorn. As soon as I had heard of the promotion via his social channels and blog I immediately entered. We were expecting our newest addition at any time and it would be awesome to own one of the best carriers on the market. I could proudly wear my baby around town in a carrier designed by a company that does so much to promote active fatherhood. It was a perfect opportunity.

I’ll let you take a guess who might have won that carrier by entering the drawing held by Home-Field Dad. I can give you a little hint – the winner has two thumbs, doesn’t think Ryan is some weirdo dad blogger, and writes at the blog you are reading right now… If you guessed me, you’re the winner now!

I cannot wait to wear my baby around town in my awesome new Baby One Carrier by Baby Bjorn. Thank you to Baby Bjorn and to Ryan at Home-Field Dad for hosting this giveaway and for doing your part to promote active and engaged fatherhood to the masses.

Special shout out and thank you to Graham for picking my name! Graham, as soon as you are able to read, I hope you read this and know that I think you rock!