Last week my youngest, Narno, spent a night at the Children’s Hospital for a case of RSV. I will share more about that long story in another post so I wont go into crazy detail on that here but I do want to touch on the fact that we were just mailed someone else’s, well worn, underwear from that same hospital. Here’s what happened…

During our stay at the¬†Children’s Hospital, Narno had a little accident in his pj’s. He is totally potty trained at this point in his 2.8 year existence on this earth but with all the tubes and monitors that he was hooked up to, we didn’t get to the bathroom in time (not making excuses – ok maybe I am) and he let it go a little bit. Our nurses were amazing and offered to bag up the soiled clothing and launder it for us while we were there. We happily said yes and they took it out of the room.

The next day when we received a bag at our hospital room door, we opened it to find Narno’s clean pj’s inside along with a men’s size medium pair or underwear. My wife and I laughed about it and told the nurses that it wasn’t Narno’s. The kid is big for a almost three year old, but he is in no way able to wear a men’s medium. The nurses instructed us to just leave it in the room when we leave as this was going to be out day to head home. So we did.

Almost a week goes by and we get a ring at our door. Its the UPS man! And man, let me tell you, the kids love the UPS man. They love boxes that show up at our house. There is a loud roar of questions that always comes about. “Whats in the box? Who’s it for? Can I open it? Why are you not opening it already?” The list goes on with this.

So we marched into the house holding this tiny box, gathering around to see its contents. When we opened it, my wife and I both burst out laughing and the kids sighed – “Why did someone send you underwear?”

Good question! In fact, this question made me have questions….

1.) Did the Hospital Staff think that I also had an accident?

2.) Did they think I was just trying to get a free briefs wash?

3.) Did they question if I was wearing underwear while these were being washed?

4.) Who’s underwear were these?

5.) Do they want them back?

If you or anyone you know lost a pair in the laundry at the Children’s Hospital in Madison, just know that they have been returned to the sender.