It is most likely in the back of every Dad’s mind who has a daughter(s) that frightening moment when they will go on their first date. How will her date treat her? How will she react? Scary thing to think about…. but we can start them off right by showing our daughters how they should be treated on a date later in life, right now. Opening doors, pulling chairs out, taking coats, etc. all the things that we would want for them can start now. The Daddy Daughter Dance is a great place to start and have a blast doing it.

mdg eats before the danceMadison Parks Department hosted a Daddy Daughter Dance on Feb 6th. My daughter and I went to the dance with a couple of other Dads from the Madison Dads Group. It was an absolute blast.  We had the opportunity to head to dinner with two of the Dads and their daughters at Benvenuto’s Italian Grill located right by Warner Park where the event was to be held. The Root Beer were a flowing!

The event was great! With a photo booth, dance floor with DJ, cupcakes and snacks, and a number of different craft table set up all we had to do was show up and start to get or fun on. I have been to these types of dances before and this particular dance had a totally different vibe to it. The other Daddy Daughter Dances that I have been to before were more seemly geared towards the Dads. This event was different because there real focus on the Dad-Daughter Date aspect of the night. This was great. It seemed like a real attention to the importance of an event like this was in the forefront of the Event Coordinators mind when they were setting it up. I can say one thing to anyone and everyone that has not been able to, or have not attended this event yet… Do It. Take your daughter. Have fun and let loose. A quote from my little one when we were pulling the van out of the parking lot on the way home sums it up… “Daddy, is there another Daddy Daughter dance next week?”

Here are some photos from the event.