Dad Optimized is a blog that aims to give the inside view on one dads adventure to optimizing his fatherhood experience and becoming a better father, husband, and all around human. The dad working on that is Eric.

Eric is a Stay-At-Home Dad of four and husband to one totally awesome wife (no – she didn’t write that), who helped him create the never ending world of crazy that he lives in. Eric really enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and geeking out on all things that revolve around the internet, tech, and design. He runs a small internet marketing company dubbed iPress LLC.┬áthat handles SEO (search engine optimization) and web design for a number of clients across the nation.

Eric also is the Co-Organizer of the Madison Dads Group in Madison, Wisconsin where he and his family live. The Madison Dads Group is a very active group of involved fathers in Madison that have regular meetups multiple times a week around the city at museums, parks, houses, the zoo, libraries, and other areas around the city. The goal is to get together to socialize and interact with other dads and their kids providing a safe and welcoming community to learn from each other and in turn become better fathers. You can find more info about Madison Dads Group here: Madison Dads Group is part of City Dads Group – A nationwide community of dads – Navigating Fatherhood Together.

Eric is a pescetarian which means in addition to all things that grow from the land, the only animals that he will eat come from the sea. If he is not with the Madison Dads Group, with his family, or with his laptop in front of him, you can typically find him pushing a stroller around a farmers market filling a backpack with fresh veggies to take home and make for dinner.

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